David Sell - Headshots Headshots and PR images for Actors, Performers and Musicians
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Q. When can you take my headshot?

A. I'm able to photograph you at most times of the week although i am usually available at weekends and evenings, so if the only time you have for your headshot session is 10am on a Sunday morning or 7pm on a Tuesday evening then thats fine with me! as it frees up the working week for you (and me!)

Q. How many final images can i have from my headshot session?

A. You can have 6 retouched colour or black and white images with a further 20 images on disc for future use The retouched images in the industry standard 10'' x 8'' size, an emailable printed version to send to Casting Directors and a version suitable to upload to Spotlight.

Q. What shall i wear?

A. Well the shoot is all about you so any clothes that distract from that should be left behind, generally no stripes, spots, loud patterns, logos, fussy necklines or really bright colours, remember Casting Directors are looking at your face so don't wear anything that distracts them. For women, a simple V neck top or shirt is ideal as it draws the eye to the face, bring a selection to change into. Guys, again, a simple plain top or shirt, maybe with a jacket is ideal, bring a selection to change into.

Q.What about makeup?

A. Keep it very simple and natural, no bright eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, blusher etc, just a nice plain foundation-we need to see the real you! Have plenty of sleep for a few nights before the shoot and keep hydrated-lots of water!

Q. What about hairstyles?

A. Again, simple, natural, clean, your hair has a very big impact on the way you are perceived, have it in a style that your a planning to keep for a while. If you are planning to change your hair during the shoot-arrive with the most complicated styles as it's easier to change to a simpler style later.

Q. Do you need to see my old headshots?

A. I don't need to, but it could be useful, we can discuss the style of your new shots before the session start so i can concentrate on getting exactly what you want.

Q. Can i bring a friend/partner?

A. Sure!, they can go and buy the coffees!. Seriously-if you feel more comfortable coming along with a friend then thats fine, just get them to bring a book, Ipod, etc as they will need to keep themselves amused, or they could go for a stroll around Royal Ascot, grab a coffee in one of our many coffee shops (5 at the last count!) or take a look at Royal Ascot Racecourse. When we are shooting it's just you and me.

Q. How much does my session cost?

A. I'm very reasonable, please see my 'Prices' page

Q. Is there anything else i need to bring to my session?

A. Just a relaxed state of mind and a sense of humour!

Hope that answers all the questions about your session, just come along, relax and enjoy your session, remember- it's all about you!

Please see my Testamonials page to see what others have to say about their shoots.